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Our Juicy Rating

Our Juicy Ratings

To help you pick out the right juicer for you, we at have produced our juicy ratings. These ratings directly compare juicers against each other, taking the guesswork out of locating the best option. Our ratings cover 5 key areas: soft fruits, leafy greens, root vegetables & hard fruits, ease of use and ease of cleaning. A good juicer should be able to perform well in all these areas, but different models will always have different strengths.

To get maximum use from this information we recommend that you define what strengths you feel your juicer needs to have and then use the provided ratings to gauge which models will best fit your needs. However, please remember that if you need extra information or advice you are always welcome to contact us directly.

Soft Fruits

Juicing soft fruits has become very popular, but not all juicers are good at getting the best yields from soft ingredients. Vertical juicers are typically strongest here, as they have larger augurs and screens when compared to other juicer styles. These larger parts allow for increased contact time with ingredients, which in turn leads to more juice being extracted. This is especially beneficial with soft fruits, as they contain a lot of juice, so the more contact time they get the more juice can be pushed out. Slow rotation speeds also help to get the most out of soft ingredients as they generate further contact time. So even a non-vertical juicer can score well in this category if it has a low enough RPM.

Leafy Greens

Leafy greens are renowned for being tough ingredients to juice. Yet, they are well worth the effort as they contain a lot of beneficial vitamins and nutrients. Horizontal and Twin Gear juicers cope best here as they provide lots of squeezing power. This squeezing power is able to force what juice is present out of greens without much hassle. Vertical juicers are also able to juice leafy greens, but their design often leads to other ingredients being required to force through the leaves. Therefore, they aren’t likely to score as well here, but there are some exceptions.

Root Vegetables and Hard Fruits

Hard ingredients are rarely an issue for modern-day juicers, as they all have solid components and plenty of juicing power, but some are still better than others. Like with leafy greens, hard ingredients provide the best yields under high-pressure situations where the augur can squeeze out what juice they contain. Most premium juicers can do well in this category, so you should expect to see plenty of high scores.

Ease of Use

A juicer that is easy to use may be rated differently for different people. We can all agree it needs to be user-friendly, but that’s a standard with all models these days. This rating focuses on 2 areas. The first is the speed at which the juicer can operate and how much time it takes out of your day. Centrifugal juicers excel here due to their fast spinning speeds, that make quick work of any ingredients. The other area is how much effort is required to use the juicer. Often Twin Gear juicers require more physical force to use, meaning that this isn’t their finest area despite being amazing at juicing.

Ease of Cleaning

Juicing can be good fun, but cleaning is often the part that we all dread at the end of it all. Some juicers are a chore to clean and as a result, the entire juicing process ends up being less enjoyable. The best juicers in this category tend to be vertical models since you can run warm water through them before scrubbing to remove lots of leftover pulp.

We must make it clear that these ratings are's own opinions and should not be viewed in a fully factual manner. Please use them as a simple guide before making a purchase in a comparative situation.