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Magimix Vision Toaster Cream - 2 Slot - 11527

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Brand: Magimix
Colour: Cream

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Magimix Vision Toaster Cream - 2 Slot - 11527 

The Magimix 11527 toaster is an exciting new development in toaster technology. After 15 long years of research and development, this toaster will transform the way you make toast, giving you ultimate control over how toasted your bread is. It features clear glass sides that allow you to see your bread throughout the toasting process, enabling you to achieve the perfect toast time after time.

At first glance, the glass panels might seem nothing more than a novelty, however, on closer inspection, you'll be amazed at the double insulated glazing that guarantees efficiency with minimal heat loss. Additionally, the easy open glass panels have been designed in a way that makes them easy to clean. So, without a doubt, this toaster has both practical and aesthetic appeal.

The innovative Magimix 11527 toaster is a breakthrough in toasting technology. Not only does it produce superior results every time, but also it has been carefully designed to retain that sleek and stylish appearance that we have grown to love of all Magimix appliances.

From a functionality perspective, the Magimix 11527 toaster will produce consistent heat for precision toasting thanks to the high-quality quartz elements. This element has a long life but can be replaced if required. Furthermore, it features an automatic self-centring function that makes sure your toast is even all around. The extra wide slots, of which there are two, means that the Magimix 11527 can accommodate a wide range of bread, from sliced white, thick cut granary and even buns and crumpets.

The Magimix 11527 toaster has a series of great features such as accurate timing control, extra lift lever, slide out crumb tray and various toasting settings including defrost, bagel, reheat and stop.

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• 3 Year Warranty
• 1450 watts
• High-quality quartz elements
• Double insulated, easy to open clear glass panels
• Achieve the perfect toast time after time
• Automatic self-centring function
• Easy to clean
• Sleek and stylish design
• Extra wide slots
• Double slots
• Accommodates a wide range of bread
• Accurate timing control
• Extra lift lever,
• Slide out crumb tray
• Various toasting settings