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LifeAir IonFlow Evolution

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LifeAir IonFlow Evolution 

The IonFlow Evolution is slightly smaller in height than the Signature and 500, making it easier to fit on a table or cabinet. Just like all the IonFlow products it has a very ergonomic modern design that can handle areas up to 50 m². 

The patented IonFlow technology is highly effective by using negative ions to remove tiny particles, the size of 0.007 microns. The majority of particles including viruses, traffic pollution, smoke and black mould all fall below 0.1 microns in size. This makes them really easy to inhale and enter the bloodstream. As you can imagine these particles can cause various long term and short term health risks. Due to the size of these particles, it makes them very hard to remove and most standard air purifies will struggle to remove these sized particles. 

Key Features 

  • Generating billions of electrons per second
  • Can reduce particles such as virus, mould, pollen and smoke.
  • Can attract particles down to 0.007.
  • NO filters 
  • Quiet 
  • Ozone Free
  • Can purify rooms as big as 50 m²

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With LifeAirs IonFlow, 97% of viruses are neutralised, this is backed up by a 7-year long study, which proves that negative ions attach to virus particles in the air, making them harmless. The IonFlow can also remove dust, pollen, traffic pollution, mould, smoke and human hair. This makes the IonFlow Evolution very efficient for allergies, asthma, COPD, pregnancy, infants, children and other people sensitive to influenza and other infections.


You won’t be able to notice the IonFlow Evolution as it operates at 21 decibels and cannot be heard over normal background noise. You will be able to sleep perfectly even if this is in your bedroom, so you will be able to put this device anywhere you desire. With very low electricity costs you won’t have to worry about putting this machine on a timer, this machine will cost very little to keep running all day.  

The IonFlow Evolution is ideal for 50 m² rooms making any room in your house a safe and allergy free environment. 

Having to change a filter every so often can be a nuisance and easily forgotten, so LifeAir has made it simple by removing the filters. Instead, the IonFlow Evolution uses a reusable particle collector that you can simply rinse out with water. This is much more practical than buying expensive filters, not to mention you will be doing the environment a big favour. 

Ozone Free

Certain mainstream air purifiers emit ozone, which is an unstable oxygen molecule that can react with anything it can attach itself to. Ozone is a very effective way to get rid of odours and eliminate mould and mildew, but as it is so effective at killing these particles it can also kill small animals. Constantly breathing and living in ozone can cause reactions with skin, eyes, lungs and can cause health problems in the long term. Therefore, LifeAir has created a whole range of products that do not produce any Ozone. The IonFlow Evolution is very effective due to the millions of negative ions created in the device, which will not cause harm to anyone or any animals. 

Technical Specification 

  • Model: Evolution
  • Dimensions (cm) (WxH): 19 x 59
  • Weight (kg): 2.8
  • Room Size (m²): 50
  • Noise Level (dB): 21