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Excalibur 10-Tray Dehydrator with Digital Controller in Black

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Brand: Excalibur
Model: RES10
Colour: Black

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Having peace of mind about what goes into your food can really help you stick to a healthy and nutritional diet. From fruit leathers to jerky, Excalibur have made it easy for you to dehydrate 2 different sets of ingredients at once, by having two individual drying chambers, each with their own fan and thermostat. This is a great way to produce lots of different healthy snacks without the need to keep preparing your ingredients after one batch has finished.


Key Features

  • 2 drying zones
  • 10 drying trays
  • 99-hour timer
  • Dual individual fans
  • Parallax horizontal airflow technology
  • 2 temperature settings
  • Program and save up to 30 recipes
  • Temperature ranges from 29.4°C - 74°C

Excalibur Overview Video

Why Dehydrate Food?

The moisture in food facilitates bacteria growth on it, which is one of the reasons why food goes bad. Using a dehydrator removes water from food by a continuous circulation of thermostatically-controlled warm air. Therefore, by dehydrating food you can prolong its shelf life substantially. The process of dehydrating is also a great way to control what your putting in your food and removes the need to worry about unnecessary additives or preservatives.

Precise Temperature Controls

The RES10 offers you flexibility, with an adjustable digital thermostat that provides a range of 29.4°C to 74°C.This is great if you are looking to do raw cooking, which will preserve the active enzymes and nutrients in ingredients. It’s also excellent at safely dehydrating meat or fish for jerkies or pet treats. The two-time, two-temperature system means you can set an initial short higher-temperature drying period followed by a long low-temperature drying period, according to your recipe. And the 99-hour timer means you can set the times and temperatures and let the RES10 do the rest. You can leave it knowing that it will shut off or change temperatures automatically.

Dual Drying Zones

Excalibur have made a unique dual drying zone, which is a great convenience if you are wanting to bulk dehydrate. With a removable horizontal inner divider, Excalibur lets you create an upper and lower drying chamber, each with their own fan and thermostat. Another great advantage of this dehydrator is that it’s so simple to use, with digital controls with an easy-to-read blue display makes programming fast. Each zone can be set for 1 or 2-time durations and 1 or 2 temperature settings for variable food drying needs and to speed up the drying process. You can also program and save 30 of your favourite recipes.

Parallax Airflow Technology

Parallax horizontal airflow is one of the main reasons why Excalibur are one of the best food dehydrators around as the heat flows from the back horizontally across the trays, ensuring uniform drying results. Many cheap dehydrators struggle to distribute heat as evenly as the Excalibur, resulting less controlled drying, and increase in time to dry and more maintenance due to frequent tray re-stacking and cleaning due to spillage.  The Excalibur have great features to ensure you are getting what you have paid for, with trays that pull out horizontally, like an oven. You can access any individual tray without removing the others and the clear, double doors let you view progress, without interrupting the drying process. The motor is protected from any spills, and clean-up is simple. Just remove the bottom tray for easy and fast cleaning. 


Using your dehydrator compared to traditional canning or freezing methods will prove to be well worth your initial low-cost investment as the Excalibur dehydrator RES10 allows you to buy in bulk. Excalibur is a product made perfect for the raw food community and others who are searching for high quality in their foods. Here at Energise Your Life we believe that the Excalibur dehydrator RES10 has many amazing features that would be great in a commercial setting or at home for the family.

Technical Specifications

  • Model: RES10
  • Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 406x305x457
  • Weight (Kg): 9.6
  • Power (Watts): 550
  • Warranty: 5 Years Domestic, 1 Year Commercial