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Alkaviva Athena H2 Water Ionizer with Undersink Kit

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Alkaviva Athena H2 Water Ionizer

Water ionizers work by sorting out the good molecules from the bad, and this creates a solution that helps maintain a pH balance in your body. If you're looking for great tasting water that is ionized at an optimal level, the Alkaviva Athena H2 will enable you to drink water at the right pH balance, whilst also filtering out any contaminants. 

The Alkaviva Athena H2 has a dual water filtration system, which can remove 99.9% of contaminants including chlorine, chloramine, pharma, heavy metals and resilient contaminants like chromium VI and arsenic. Removing these contaminants ensures when the water is ionized, no unexpected chemicals can interfere with the process. The upgraded Athena H2 has Hydrogen Infusion Technology, which allows this ionizer to regulate pH and Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) levels much more efficiently than ever before.


Key Features 

  • pH Performance: 2.6 to 10.8 pH range
  • ORP Performance: up to -760 ORP
  • H2 Performance at Drinking pH of 9: 1.3 ppm
  • Protection Devices:  2 built-in temperature sensors
  • Electrolysis Method: Continuous
  • LCD Display 
  • Automatic Cleaning function 

pH Capabilities 

A water ionizer is the best way to change the properties of tap water so it becomes much more beneficial to your body. It does this through electrode plates which add electrons to the water, providing it with a charge. The negative charge of the water is measured in ORP and the Athena H2 has a reading of-833OPR when producing water at an 8-9pH level. This reading is an optimal measurement for this type of water ionizer and should be viewed as an excellent result. However, the Alkaviva Athena H2 can produce water up to a pH of 11.4 and can then work through to levels as low as 2.3. Drinking water at such high or low pH’s is not recommended and it is suggested to drink water between 8-9 pH. 

Hydrogen Infusion Technology 

Many water ionizers struggle producing H2 at a low pH level, but the Athena H2 uses hydrogen infusion technology, which can rip open water molecules by using charged plates. This method adds extra hydrogen molecules, making the water a negative charge. The Athena H2 is able to achieve 1.3 ppm at pH’s 8-9. This level of hydrogen and pH makes for a very beneficial drink that has been shown to aid up to 140 health conditions. 

The optimal drinking pH is around 8-9, as this tastes the best and is safe for people to drink. Drinking water with a pH of 8 or 9 has just the right amount of beneficial H2 molecules for the human body to handle. 


The Alkaviva Athena H2 has hydrogen generation technology and the 7 smart design plates. Alkaviva, only use the very best materials, as the smart design plates are made of titanium with a further thin coat of platinum over the top. These types of metals allow for the water molecules to be ionized much more effectively.

The design of the metal plates allows your ionizer to have a much better performance than standard ionizers that only last 18-24 months of use. Other ionizers with nine or more electrodes require a lot of power to run them. Some even have to slow the flow rate. Alkaviva has managed to find a solution to this by having the perfect combination of electrode design and count and the optimal power to run them. The result is a great flow rate, top performance, absolute reliability and lasting durability.    

The Benefits of H2 

The consumption of H2 can combat free radicals in the body, which causes oxidisation of cells. When a cell oxidises it can cause ageing of the skin, so the more oxidised cells in your body,  the faster your ageing process.  

H2 can also increase energy levels by reducing muscle fatigue, this is done when the H2 neutralises the oxygen radicals and combines to make water molecules. 

Helpful Functions 

Having easy to use functions is what makes the Athena H2 a great ionizer and with a fully automatic Dual Automatic Reverse Cleaning system (DARC), you will never need to worry about cleaning it. 

The Athena H2 will clean itself after every use, as scale buildup can cause a big decrease in performance. 

On top of this great cleaning function, there is also an optimal flow rate control system. This helps achieve optimal pH, ORP and hydrogen performance. The flow rate can be viewed on the LCD display, where you can control and adjust the relevant settings.  

Finally, the Athena H2 has an AutoAdjust function, which enables you to change the power, to ensure an optimal level of PH, ORP and H2 performance each time you use your Athena.

Undersink Installation

One of the great benefits of the new Alkaviva Athena H2 Water Ionizer is its versatile installation options. The Athena H2 can be installed in 3 ways:

1) Placing the Athena H2 on your countertop and connecting directly to your kitchen tap using the supplied diverter connection.

2) By direct plumbing the Athena H2 into your cold water line – this popular option allows you to keep the Athena H2 on your countertop yet hide the ionizer water connections under your sink by connecting directly to your cold water line.

3) The third and increasingly popular option is the under sink or under counter installation option – this is perfect for those who prefer a more minimal and clutter free approach and prefer to have their water ionizer installed discreetly under their kitchen sink. Under sink water ionizer installation involves fitting the main body of the Athena H2 water ionizer under your kitchen sink and connecting this directly to your cold water line which in turn feeds water directly to a dedicated Ionizer tap on your countertop. On your countertop you will have a dedicated tap for your water ionizer with an alkaline and acidic outlet.

This package includes the Alkaviva Athena H2 Water Ionizer and Undersink Kit. The Undersink Kit includes the dual Alkaline and Acidic outlet taps and all tubing and fittings required to install the Ionizer under your sink/counter. The Undersink Kit tap is available in 2 finishes; Chrome and Brushed Nickel.

Undersink Kit Faucet & Tubing Measurements

  • Height of Faucet Above Counter: 23 cm
  • Maximum Width: 23 cm
  • Hole Diameter: 1 3/8 - 1 1/2 inches;
  • Tubing Length: 86 cm

Undersink Installation Diagram


Comparison Chart of the Alkaviva Models

Product Name

Melody II

Athena H2

Vesta H2

Auto Adjust




DARC Cleaning




H2 Performance

1.0 ppm

1.3 ppm

1.6 ppm

Internal Filtration

2 Premium Filters

2 Premium Filters

2 Premium Filters

Number of Plates




ORP Performance




Plate Materials

Platinum & Titanium

Platinum & Titanium

Platinum & Titanium

pH Range

2.6 - 10.8

2.3 - 11.4

2.1 - 12

Ultrawater Filters








Technical Specification 

  • Model: Athena
  • Colour: Silver
  • Dimensions: 140mm (L) x 320mm (W) x 370mm (H)
  • Filter Life: 1000 Gallons
  • H2 Performance: 1.3ppm
  • Number of Plates: 7
  • ORP Performance: -833
  • pH Range: 2.3 - 11.4
  • Plate Materials: Platinum & Titanium
  • Warranty: 5 Years Domestic
  • Water Pressure Range: 15 - 90 psi
  • Wattage: 150W
  • Weight: 5.7kg